Working towards the American Dream:

It has been said that an immigrant must work twice as hard as everyone else. That’s exactly what the founder of TLC Pipeline Construction has done since he stepped foot in this great country. Tom Celayeta, immigrated to the United States in 1962 at the age of 18. Following his older brothers to the ranchlands of the Western United States.

After 12 long years in the ranching industry, Tom started working for Smith Pipeline in 1978. He quickly worked his way up the ranks and was recognized by his peers as a tireless worker, who was strong, honest and fair. After Smith Pipeline, Tom started a career with Mountain West Fabrication. He was a lead superintendent on numerous cross-country pipeline projects throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

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In the Spring of 1991, it was time to be closer to home and raise his young family. Tom and his wife Laura had a vision of starting their own company that would allow him to be closer to home and see his young boys grow up. Their plan was to start their own pipeline construction company and Laura would be the bookkeeper. With that vision and in spite of the many obstacles, TLC Pipeline Construction was formed. Starting out of a kitchen closet office with a backhoe and a couple of trucks, the legacy began.

In 1998, TLC Pipeline Construction was incorporated. Tom’s brother, Tony Celayeta, joined the company as a partner. With over thirty years combined experience in oil and gas construction, the two teamed up. Their primary goal was to provide quality hard work at a fair price. They created a company employees wanted to work for. A company contractors thanked when the job was completed.

A lot has happened in the past 25 years. Tom and Tony have passed the legacy of quality hard work into the hands of another Celayeta. Meet the current president of TLC Pipeline Construction, Brian Celayeta.

Brian started working for his father when he was a teenager and no matter where he looked or went, he always came back to TLC Pipeline Construction. Tom provided him with a strong work ethic and the hands on opportunity to work every pipeline position. Today, Brian runs from the office to the field and the field to the office. He rarely is in one place for too long while multiple projects are being completed. Brian is a family man, with family values with a strong work ethic.

In 2012, TLC Pipeline has taken on yet another great asset. Chris Crites joined the TLC Pipeline Construction ownership team. Chris had been working and managing for TLC for over 11 years. His partnership role as Vice President of Operations has proven to be a vital success to the growth and day to day operations of TLC Pipeline Construction, Inc.

In the Fall of 2014, just as his Uncle before him, Jeremy Celayeta joined his brother Brian on TLC Pipeline’s management team. As a graduate of Colorado State University’s Construction Management program and having spent 6 years working for an international aerial ropeway engineering/construction company, Jeremy brings invaluable expertise and knowledge of the ever advancing construction industry. Jeremy is TLC Pipeline Construction’s Business Development Manager/Project Manager.

TLC Pipeline started small, built a strong foundation on hard work, and has steadily grown while utilizing the experience of many. A family organization with over 150 years of combined management experience, TLC Pipeline Construction is expanding our operations and continues to gain the valued trust of our loyal customers.